Title: 2022/9/11 6:12:36
I regret that I can only add to the recent poor reviews... the Sesame chicken was dry . rock hard, and expensive.
Title: 2022/7/6 16:27:48
We ordered moo shu chicken pancakes....description is 4 pancakes. The order came with STORE BOUGHT TORTILLAS. I like your food and have been a loyal customer, but this is NOT COOL. and I am very very dissatisfied with my order because of this. I am very disappointed for the first time. I think calling store bough tortillas "pancakes" is the same as a lie. I am not sure why you do this
Title: 2022/4/20 4:10:01
Always enjoyed getting food here. Moved away from direct area. The first time i have been back in a few months. Sweet and sour chicken and shrimp toast were good. 24 dollars worth of shrimp fired rice was horrible. It was clumpy and mushy. Very disappointed
Title: 2021/9/6 15:39:54
Gen Tso's Beef tonight was served in giant slabs that were so tough that they couldn't be cut. I am a good customer but this will make me think twice about ordering in the future.
Title: 2021/9/13 13:27:03
Very disappointed. Game by today to have lunch with friends only to be told we only do carry out now. No mention of that anywhere on you website. One website listing even says dine in or carry out. Not a great way to attract new customers.
Title: 2020/5/10 8:58:44
Hi Folks: Are you guys open today, Mother’s Day for curb pick up or delivery? Thank you, Tony Delauney Broadway Road 21093 tony.delauney@
Title: 2020/3/30 14:00:07
This is the best Chinese food we have ever eaten. We have been eating carryout from your restaurant for many years and have always had great meals! The consistency of the food is tremendous. See you soon! Craig and Christine C.
Title: 2020/12/22 19:45:46
This is my first time order here,the gen tsos chicken was so hard and dry,barely sauce on it ,and the soup was cold,the worst food I ever had,do not order from here 。
Title: 2020/11/20 18:28:23
the worst
Title: 2020/11/20 18:16:19
Probably the worst food i have ever had. Minimal seafood with a lot of greens. waste of time and money
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