Title: 2019/11/8 22:55:24
I get the lunch special every weekend! I eat ass!
Title: 2019/10/27 16:00:58
Tonight's take out was the final time we'll order from this place. There's always at least one wrong item included with the take-away.
Title: 2019/1/19 18:59:33
We have been ordering food from you for a long time. We are always satisfy and the food is delicious!
Title: 2018/8/21 16:57:49
We ordered take away this evening - Bowie. We eat at your restaurant almost once a week & have never had a complaint. However tonight I did want to bring to your attention that my husband pulled 3 long dark hairs from his mouth. Not sure if it was from his egg rolls or Kung pao chicken. He was understanding with the first hair but 2 bites later there were 3 & we just had to dispose of the rest. I know we eat at ding how regularly & this has never happened but just wanted you to know for future. Regards Kelli Bowie
Title: 2018/12/18 11:10:58
This was my first time ordering from your restaurant. I ordered the fried chicken wings, it was so salty it seemed as if some emptied a while pack of salt on them. I also ordered the chicken hunan with fried rice, the fried rice was just clumps of white rice with some soy sauce and the chicken was raw. Based on my experience I will never order from your restaurant. This was the one in Timonium.
Title: 2017/11/22 19:39:15
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